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Integrative & Functional Nutrition Services

Rebecca is a North Carolina Licensed Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Specialist with a Master of Science Degree in Integrative Health and Nutrition. She practices Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) in the Integrative/Holistic and Functional style.

Integrative or Holistic Nutrition refers to the natural approach to a healthy diet and considers the individual as a whole, including all aspects of lifestyle. This natural approach incorporates emotional, spiritual and physical health to create a state of well-being for optimum health. A holistic approach to proper nutrition encourages education on basic nutrition to develop a holistic diet that incorporates natural and organic foods, natural holistic supplements and food treatments for chronic health conditions.

Functional Nutrition is nutrition-based care that is focused on supporting the source of the symptoms, not the symptoms themself, as seen in most Western medical practices. Functional Nutrition care focuses on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body. Multiple symptoms through the body, are clues that can be used to find where and how the body or body system(s) aren't functioning the way it should be. Rather than suppress those symptoms with natural or pharmaceutical agents, we want to “read” those symptoms to understand which systems of your body need support.


Using Integrative and Functional techniques and by looking at your whole picture -- diet, symptoms, illness history, medications, lifestyle, toxic exposure, history of antibiotic use, stress, lab work, etc., we are able to put together an overall plan. That plan serves as overall map of the nutrition your body needs to regain health and prevent illness.

Rebecca takes a natural approach to help you meet and exceed your nutrition goals. Whether you’re recently diagnosed with an illness, have been living with chronic illness, or simply need nutrition support to help you live a healthier lifestyle, she can help you meet any and all nutrition goals. With one-on-one whole body support, accountability, and fully customized nutrition plans she can get you on track to being your healthiest self. 

One-on-one Personalized Nutritional Counseling with Rebecca
to create a customized plan for your specific health needs. 

Benefits of Functional Nutritional Counseling include:

  • Focus on the core health issue rather than just covering up symptoms

  • Feel true healing from the inside/out bring you more energy, better sleep, and vitality

  • Strengthen your mind/body connection

  • Gain a feeling of empowerment in caring for your own health

  • Implement new lifestyle and diet habits that will last a life time

  • Have support and guidance to reach your health goals

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Counseling can help you in so many different areas. Here is a list of a few health issues that Rebecca can help with:

  • Hormones Balancing

  • Adrenal health and support

  • Thyroid health and support

  • Macro- and micro-nutrient evaluation ​

  • Customized elimination and reintroduction diet

  • SIBO Protocol

  • Gut health and healing  

  • Reducing chronic inflammation 

  • Auto-immune disease support

  • PCOS support

  • Nutritional support for mental illness

  • Pre-conception wellness

  • Fertility for couples

  • IVF Nutritional Support

  • Nutritional support for fertility treatments

  • Prenatal health and wellness​

  • Lactation nutritional support

  • ​Postpartum healing          

  • And so much more!

Have questions?
Schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call
to see how Rebecca can
assist you in reaching your health goals. 

Ready to schedule your nutrition session?

Accepting BCBS, HSA, FSA, self pay
SuperBill available upon request
The Nutrition Pod of North Carolina
Certified Nutrition Specialist
North Carolina Licensed Nutritionist

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