Sibling Doula

What is a Sibling Doula?
More than a babysitter for your older children during labor and birth, a sibling doula provides emotional support and care to your older children, at the hospital or birth center, while you are in labor and birthing their new sibling(s). Support is age appropriate and according to the parent’s preferences. For more information, please contact me to set up a consultation.

Benefits of Having a Sibling Doula:

  • No family in town to watch over your little ones? No problem!

  • ​Have your child(ren) experience your labor and birth with an experience doula and caregiver.

  • Worry free labor and birth for you and your partner

  • Age appropriate labor and birth education provided by an experienced former teacher with an MS in Education.

  • Assists in creating a relaxed and loving atmosphere.

  • Follows parents lead and wishes in guiding sibling(s) through experience.

Sibling Doula Care Services include:

  • 24/7 on-call from time of agreement until baby makes their arrival

  • 1 “Getting to Know You” visit so your child(ren) can meet Rebecca

  • Services can be at your home or at the birth center (at this time, hospitals do not allow extra visitors)

  • Provides basic care, as needed (feedings, meals, naps, diaper changing, play, pet care, etc)

Sibling Doula Fees: 
Sibling Doula Care for 1-2 children for up to 24 hours:  $920
Sibling Doula Care for 3-4 children for up to 24 hours: $1040
Additional hourly: $30-$35

Set up a time to talk about your family's needs for this very special time in all of your lives.