Nutrition Programs and Classes

The Prenatal Toolkit - $15

Are you pregnant or currently trying to conceive (TTC) and overwhelmed with all of the information there is about pregnancy? I completely understand and have been there. You wonder:

"What do I need to know about being pregnant and giving my growing baby all of the nutrition they need?"

"Is there anything I should be DOING right now, besides just being pregnant to prepare my body for labor and birth?"


"Who should I have with me for support during my labor and birth?"

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! To help you narrow down the plethera of information to just the important stuff, I created this class. We go over the importance of preparing your mind through education, preparation, as well as the importance of healing past experiences or experiences that others have passed on to you. We focus on the body, nutritional information to support you, your baby, and optimize your health for a healthy and smooth labor and birth. Lastly, we review ways to support your spirit, through surrounding yourself with support, bringing out your own empowerment, while having a calm and nurturing environment. 


​​The Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Healing Through Nutrition - $95


A 6-week program to guide you through optimal postpartum healing by focusing on the specific nutrient depletions created during pregnancy and birth. Also, incorporated into the program is ways to support your changing lifestyle with a new baby in the home.

This program is ideal for pregnant people looking to get a jump start in preparing for their postpartum period, or for those who have already had their baby(ies) and looking for nutritional support and guidance through the healing process. If you are pregnant, will be in the future, or your baby is about to be a year old, this program will work for you!