Meal Planning
and Prep

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Customized Weekly Meal Plans for you and your family


  • One planning session with Rebecca, via phone or zoom

  • 7 days of meals and snack

  • Customized serving sizes to accommodate family size

  • Customized to support your health goals, food sensitivity, food likes and dislikes, etc 

  • Meal Plan can be specific to supporting healing health issues

  • Meal Plan can follow specific diet type, i.e. vegan/vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, etc

  • Calendar layout of meals​

  • Full shopping list od what you need for that weeks recipes

  • Nutritional Facts including macro and micro nutrients (optional)

  • Full recipes for everything included in the food plan

Weekly Meal Plan Pricing
Initial Meal Plan including one 30 minute planning session - $50
Each additional Weekly Meal Plan there after - $20

Meal Plan Packages
One month (4 Weekly Meal Plan) - $75
Three months (13 Weekly Meal Plan) - $240
Six months (26 Weekly Meal Plans) - $470
One year (52 Weekly Meal Plans) - $930

*4-5 Meal Plans are added to your online portal each month
, depending on package purchased. 
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Weekly Meal Plan Preparation and Cooking


  • Everything included in the Weekly Meal Plans, as listed above

  • Personalized shopper for everything you need according to that week's Meal Plan

  • Full preparation and cooking of the full weekly Meal Plan

  • Delivered to your door

Weekly Meal Plan Preparation and Cooking

Initial One Week Meal Plan including grocery pick-up and preparation - $350
Each additional Weekly Meal Plan preparation - $300

**Pricing includes grocery pick-up and meal prep for 1-4 people. 
*** Prices DO NOT include cost of food. 
**** Rebecca will prepare all meals and snacks for the week

Have questions?
Schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call
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assist you in reaching your health goals. 

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